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E27 7W LED Bulb Warm White 400LM

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7W bulb with E27 standard socket and 400 Lumen, equivalent to a 60Watts incandescent bulb. The new Exagerate lamp uses LED technology to illuminate homes and workplaces. This 220-240 Volt model connects to common E27 lamp holders and provides 3.000 degrees Kelvin warm white. The hue and color of emitted light is similar to a common incandescent bulb. The duration of more than 50.000 hours is at least 50 times higher than common bulbs; moreover being not affected by the ON-OFF switching cycles, led bulbs are more durable than even energy saving light bulbs. Another feature making them better than the common energy saving light bulbs is the ability of illuminating at 100% of its power even at the ignition moment. No more waiting time to get the light you want. An important note is that light is supplied with a 180 degrees angle from the bulb socket, making this bulb ideal to be used on lamps and chandeliers with the lamp holder directed to the point to illuminate.




Some information about LED technology:

  • Brightness: Delivers 100% of the light from the first moment
  • Heat: Reduced heat emissions, up to 95% less than a common incandescent lamp
  • Saving: Allows money saving up to 90% (considering the complete life cycle)
  • Light Color: possibility to choose color temperature
  • Duration: From 25.0000 to 50.000 hours depending on model
  • Independent from ON - OFF switching cycles: The lamp life cycle is not affected by the ignition number
  • Disposal: Does not contain mercury and other heavy metals. Does not require dedicated disposal like common energy saving lamps. Just hand it in an assembly center of electronic waste like common electric accessories


  • 7W Energy saving LED bulb
  • Technology: 3 x 2W high efficiency LEDs
  • Power supply 220-240V AC
  • E27 Standard screw
  • Light flow > 400 Lumen
  • Color Temperature 3.000° K (warm white)
  • Life > 50.000 hours
  • Light irradiation angle of 180°
  • Insulation class IP51
  • Dimensions: 80mm + E27 socket 27mm, maximum diameter 55mm
  • Energy Class A
  • CE, RoHS
Specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice.


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