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3 in 1 USB Digital Microscope
EAN: 5391508635142
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Smart digital microscope is a dual system device that can be used as a conventional microscope or as a USB powered digital microscope when using the digital camera adaptor. The microscope has three lenses with magnification power of 50x, 100x and 200x.

With the built-in 2x zoom, the device is able to magnify specimens up to 400x. When using the digital camera adaptor, specimens can be magnified up to 780x on a 17" computer monitor. The included software allows you to capture snapshots and video of the specimens being observed. In addition, the microscope body can be detached from the microscope stand and used as a handheld microscope.


  • Conventional, digital and handheld 3-in-1 microscope
  • Easy turns into digital microscope with digital camera adaptor
  • Image head detachable for handheld use
  • Two LEDs for object illumination
  • Specimen drawer for collecting samples
  • Accessories

When using as a conventional / handheld microscope:

  • 3 Magnifications: 50x - 100x, 100x - 200x, 200x - 400x

When using as a digital microscope:

  • Connects to a computer via standard USB port
  • 3 Magnifications: 100x - 180x, 190x - 350x, 415x - 780x (17" monitor)
  • View live image on computer screen
  • One-touch snap button and video capturing
  • Timed-shot function
  • Viewing software for Windows and Mac included


  • Connection type: USB 2.0
  • Effective magnification through eyepiece: 50x-100x, 100x - 200x, 200x - 400x
  • Effective magnification on 17" monitor: 100x - 180x, 190x - 350x, 415x - 780x
  • Effective viewing area (without zoom): Ø2.3mm (50x), Ø1.2mm (100x), Ø0.56mm (200x)
  • Effective viewing area (with max zoom): Ø1.2mm (100x), Ø0.6mm (200x), Ø0.28mm (400x)
  • Illumination: Two LEDs
  • Optics: 3-objective turret, 2x optical zoom
  • Sensor: CMOS, 1600 x 1200 pixels resolution (UXGA)*
  • Size: 112 x 134 x 252mm
  • Weight: 380 g


When used connected to your PC:

  • 1GHz Processor or above
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 1 USB port
  • 800 MB free HD space
  • CD/DVD drive
  • Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 and 11, Mac OS X 10.5.6 or above

When used stand alone:

  • 3x AA battery for LED illumination

Package content

  • Microscope (microscope body and stand)
  • Digital camera adaptor
  • Application CD
  • Instruction manual
  • 3x Blank specimen slides
  • 3x Blank specimen slides cover
  • 1x Prepared slide with cotton swatch
  • Tweezers and dropper

* Resolution of revision 2.0. Resolution of previous versions 1280 x 1024 pixels.

Specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice.

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